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Today, our solo cup is filled with Client Relationships.

If you could only choose one basket to place all of your (Easter) eggs in, which would you choose? Sales? Marketing? Mindset?....hmmmm.  Think about it for a minute. What is the most important component to being successful in business today?

We would, without a second thought, put our eggs in Client Relationships - time and time again. The other pillars are an important part of business, don't get me wrong, but the nucleus of success is the relationship you have with those you are serving. How many times have you dined out, had a wonderful meal, excellent bottle of wine, but very poor service? Did you leave feeling like you wanted to return? Probably not, or maybe, but certainly not absolutely yes! Why, because the service was sub-par, even though the food (or product) was properly executed and delivered a high level of quality (to your taste buds). Your experience lacked the personal touch (empathy) that comes with great service. My point here is that you can bring the best marketing team, lay out tried and true positioning strategies, and present yourself to know a thing or two about SEO. (haha...that's Google laughing - not us.)

But, you can't bring client relationships to the table without first knowing that this is the most important part of the transaction. Making an investment in relationships and understanding that this single pillar is what matters most. Listen to your clients, pay attention to their triggers and how they want to be addressed, get to know them outside of work, and remember what they say to you. It really is advantageous and the crux of retention.

So, the next time you are building your most awesome sales deck or marketing proposal, think about your investment in that particular customer (individual people) more than the fonts, images, and product benefits, and sell your commitment to the relationship.

It has worked for us!

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Today, our solo cup is filled with
CJ's New Year Resolutions.

First and foremost, Happy 2016! We wish you much success in business and tons of happiness this year and beyond. A big year ahead as we watch and evaluate our presidential candidates for this year's election (no comment). Pay attention to tighter security measures to protect our identities and assets, and hopefully plug all potential data leaks with duct tape (it really works on anything). If you follow Nostradamus' predictions, we might witness or read about a natural disaster greater than any in the past (hopefully he is wrong - again, again, again...). And, we can all be certain that the digital arena is only getting bigger and better, as advances in technology and coding make way (Who wants to be a Mark Zuckerberg - starring Mark Zuckerberg).

We interrupt this program to pull you back into "our" tiny bubble.  As a precursor to our planned monthly articles about solopreneurship and digital marketing, we wanted to share what we've been up to in preparation of executing CJ's resolutions for 2016.  It all started with looking back and assessing our home runs and base hits. We vetted hundreds of ideas around new business development and client retention (although a 'practical' CEO reeled us back in), established some clear and measurable objectives, and formalized an execution strategy. We concluded our planning meeting with the following FOUR goals:  

  1. Acquire THREE new clients that will require a minimum of 20 hours of marketing services per month (we'll make an exception for 19 hours, however)
  2. Maintain our perfect (=100 A+) client retention rate by keeping the service bar high and delivering on our promises 100% of the time (even if that means sending an email response at 1:22 a.m. CST)
  3. Strictly adhere to our internal editorial schedule which stipulates that we must produce at least  one (#1) forward-thinking and entertaining blog article of the highest caliber (based on my keen eye for the 'write' guy) per month.
  4. Stay the course with spikes in our shoes in building brand awareness via word of mouth (our friends are your friends, so let's bring them together - low places welcome), LinkedIn (to which we can thank for one of our very best clients) and local advertising (can't go wrong with a name like Bliss living).

Sounds simple enough. 

Until next time, Stay Classy and Be Well!

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Today, our solo cup is filled with Holiday Cheer.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!  May you find joy, love and much laughter this wonderful season and throughout the New Year.

The CJ Creative Team

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Today, my solo cup is filled with Reflection.

It's Friday, and I'm sitting at my desk reflecting on the week.  Overall a pretty fantastic week.  I met with a representative from Regus to review their office space leasing plans and tour the facility, and think I've found a new home a few days a week.  I am giving it a trial run next Monday to see how the space and atmosphere work for me, and am quite excited about the "red" office I've been assigned. 

Worked together with a client to launch what has been the most successful social campaign yet.  It included a FREE download of a highly sought after (the proof is in the data) instructional resource for science teachers, and we are celebrating the power of FREE download and a client/prospect offering that has been truly appreciated by our target (positive comments galore).

Spent many hours this week on a client's website design revision and I have a new level of respect for full-time coders.  Do I think kids should learn coding in school -- YES!  It is perplexing but rewarding all the same because when you get it right and all works as it should, you feel a true sense of accomplishment.  Lots of trial and error here.  The good news is that the site is coming along in the direction of the company's vision. YES!

In summary, I am grateful to be where I am today and continue to learn something new everyday.

Have a splendid weekend!

<![CDATA[MAKING SENSE (CENTS) OF SOLOPRENEURSHIP]]>Mon, 30 Nov 2015 14:59:55 GMThttp://cjcreativesolutions.com/blog/making-sense-cents-of-solopreneurship50]]><![CDATA[MAKING SENSE (CENTS) OF SOLOPRENEURSHIP]]>Thu, 12 Nov 2015 21:59:57 GMThttp://cjcreativesolutions.com/blog/making-sense-cents-of-solopreneurship49Curating good content is a big part of my job.  Came across this Slideshare today and found it to be entertaining and informative.  Give it a scroll.  
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    Brand survey

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